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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Owing Chateau Marmont $46,000

Jeff Minton for The New York Times
Lindsey Lohan is doing better these it seems. I actually really do hope she stays on track. I love her old movies and hopefully we'll see her in some good ones again in the future. This article is an old one from a few months back, but if you didn't read it then you should definitely give it a read now. The piece has a great voice. It truly is a fascinating subject, because we all really do want to know what it would be like to cast someone like Lindsey. Moreover, what I took away from it was that she simply never learned how to behave and live like a normal person in her free time. 

Funny enough I know from personal experience as a freelance film producer/makeup artist that one can definitely go a little nuts in between gigs. Only recently have I gotten a grasp on how to hold onto my sanity and enjoy life in between jobs. Enjoy the read! 

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