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As a cinematographer I find myself stumbling over every variety of fascinating imagery, art, and design as I'm sorting through research for upcoming work; some of the greatest reward working in this line of business is getting to share the fascinating, fixating miscellany we find out in the world. Getting that email about the offbeat, bizarre material that we wouldn't have been exposed to if we weren't researching for our next work is always exciting.

aestheticist is the combined effort of young professionals collecting whatever stretches our minds and informs our work. It's anything that makes you stop and adjust your mental image of the world to make this new addition fit. The result is an ongoing study of context: how is aesthetic contemporarily defined and what communicates aesthetically to the contemporary world?

None of us at aestheticist feign to be journalists; the search for context is a professional obligation that allows each of us to be more effective at our jobs. Between the core contributors and guest contributors, the aestheticist group constitutes photographers, production designers, musicians, animators, and directors. There will always be something new to find at aestheticist!

Boa Simon
cinematographer, founder aestheticist

Growing up in Boston, Massachusetts, I'd tell everyone that I wanted to go to MIT and be a scientist. Mom said I was going to be a photographer. I was into physics, thought optics was pretty cool, (predictable in hindsight) and even knew my way around the MIT campus from summer camp; then Mom gave me her Minolta X700... Dammit, Mom.

My goal as a cinematographer is to help define the emotion of a scene and the story behind a character's eyes. Light and camera movement are a language which every audience member has come to understand through a lifetime of experiencing film; with every project I research to find a dialect with the vocabulary we'll need to speak directly to that audience. My contributions to aestheticist come from that research.

David Applebee
filmmaker, carpenter, aestheticist

A lot of people are 75% Irish and 25% Thai or 47% Tibetan and 21.33% Pit-bull, but I'm 50-50 Californian and Gypsy. It's weird growing up in Orange County being a Gypsy. People look at you differently, like you're from out of town, like "get off my wave, brah!"

In a way, you could say I'm a part of the Disney generation: I grew up knowing that I was special and that I would one day change the world, thing is, nobody told me I'd actually have to work to get there. My contributions to Aestheticist are the result of a medical condition, I actually have to apologize about that, you may experience seizures after reading some of my posts about music.
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Jenny Hou
producer, makeup artist, aestheticist

Growing up in Boston, Massachusetts with parents both in the medical field, I was surrounded as much by the arts as I was by the energy of association: that so much can be accomplished once you can get eye to eye with anyone you meet.

Today I still try to work with the strength in every person I meet, whether I'm helping an actress see her character in the mirror or booking a new Pyro team hours before call when the old team runs into a cancelled flight. No matter where I am or what the job is, I make sure my team gets my full attention. My contributions to aestheticist come from everything I get to see while I'm paying attention.

Natasha Kutrovacz
jewelry designer, stylist, aestheticist

Born and raised in the countryside west of Chicago, I grew up building tree forts, painting pictures of horses, and sneaking into my moms closet to play dress up. When I turned 18 I followed my dreams filled with artistic ambition and moved to the city of dreams itself, Los Angels. It was here that my inner child could emerge transforming which was once play-time into the adult version known as work-time.

My goal as designer-stylist-artist is to capture a vision and transform it into something functional, beautiful, and unique that will hopefully inspire or ignite a new flame in the mind of it's viewer. My contribution to aestheicist will come from the travels that bring me to that vision.

Malachi Rempen
filmmaker, cartoonist, aestheticist

Born in Switzerland, raised in Aluquerque, and currently residing in Berlin, Malachi is a filmmaker and cartoonist driven by his wanderlust to a state of perpetual motion.

Malachi's experience finding home as an expat informs his work and his contributions to aestheticist.

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