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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Visual Concept Dictionary: Nostalgia, Futurism

Super Kamiokande Neutrino Detection Experiment

I wonder at the scale and and futurism and (guided by the Japaneseness of the thing) I remember Akira and then Blade Runner, 2001, and even, laughingly, Total Recall;  a culture that justified studios rendering epic machinations like this for its stories. Sure; it's entirely functional and built specifically to best do what it does, but it's almost cartoonish how dramatic it is in photographs. It's a great piece for the visual dictionary because it triggers so much with its visual presentation. I think I'm nostalgic for that time I've associated with celebrating impressionist futurism.

The raft really calls attention to that contrast between the machine and the mammals that engineered it. That no matter how bizarre and precise a future technology becomes, there'll always be a monkey somewhere in there at the heart of it. Maybe the raft points out how maybe there are some technologies that can't be accomplished until we've got an intelligence that doesn't have to live in meat.

A few stops the train of thought there's the question whether developing technology will be like shedding a new skin for humanity as a part of its continuing narrative or if these fragile, sophisticated machines are in their infancy and only need to be nursed to stability while we meat things age to obsolescence? The whole water & narrow channels toward light thing going on at Super Kamiokande can definitely point a mind in these directions.

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