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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Pokeymans Project: a Transmedia Experiment

Here's an excerpt from The Pokeymans Project, a prolific little tumblr where the author and illustrator, Noelle Stevenson, (whose webcomic NIMONA other tumblr are also awesome) takes a submitted description of a real, licensed Pokemon character and attempts to render the character with no other input.

The descriptions are ernest and quite verbose, as in the above example, and Noelle delivers the description very faithfully. What's great is that the hilarious tone of the tumblr doesn't really come from Noelle making caricatures of the descriptions; the whole project really reveals how absurdly difficult it can be to simulate a source article if you have only an alternative medium as an intermediary.

It's like a game of Telephone (Chinese Whispers, if you grew up beyond the reach of political correction) with a half-finished round of Charades mixed somewhere in the middle.

Actually, that game sounds awesome.

Check it out! Oh, and here's Timburr, as developer Game Freak designed him:

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